Sanity check needed for "include?" - help please

Can't tell what the problem is from the information given. include? can be used in this fashion, so the problem is due to something else.

Do something like this in script/console and show us the output:

   @original_article = Article.find(123)    @original_article.links    @article = Article.find(456)    @original_article.include? @article

Use appropriate id numbers. That way we can see what's going on.

can you go to script/console and try this

@original_article = Article.find(59) @original_article.link_ids @article = Article.find(125) @original_article.link_ids.include?(

I'm stumped. I tried this on one of my own HABTM associations and include? was working fine when comparing objects (not just ids).

For kicks what does this show:

   @original_article.links.first == @article

In my testing, this returns true.