sanitizing and stripping some html?

I have an application that manages a list of feeds. In a scheduled
BackgrounDRb worker, I parse each of these feeds and post the content
to the same site. Some of these feeds contain HTML in the description
of each item in the feed. I would like to first sanitize the HTML to
remove anything particularly harmful, then I would like to strip
certain tags, leaving the content.

I first tested Rick Olson's white_list plugin. It seems that this
simply strips tags and their content. For example, if I say p is a bad
tag, <p>content</p> gets completely stripped. I would actually like to
keep the 'content' and simply remove the HTML. Certain tags are
alright, such as b, em, strong, but most I would like stripped out.

I then tested and it
seems to do the trick. I was just wondering if anyone else had been
interested in stripping HTML but leaving the content and how they went
about doing so. Thanks for your input.