sake error on Windows

I have installed sake (gem install sake) on Windows machine. Now whenever I run sake on Windows, I get following error/message

Define INLINEDIR or HOME in your environment and try again

I googled about it and could not find that solved this problem.

Anybody have an idea how to solve this?

Set your home environment. You can do it at the commandline:

set HOME = c:\

That only works as long as that console window is open.

For a more permanent solution, you can do it via the environment settings (right click My Computer, choose Properties, choose “advanced” tab, select “Environment Variables” and create a new UJser variable. Make the name HOME and the value c:\

You will not need to restart your computer but you will need to close any open console windows for those changes to take effect

That should help. (Not tested, but I know for a fact that the ZenTest gem makes you do the same thing on Windows.)

yes, I did

set HOME = c:\

from command prompt in Windows. It still gives me the same error. :frowning: