Running ImageMagick on Windows and Linux under Rails

I am developing on a Windows machine and running in a Linux (i686-linux)

I am successfully running ImageMagick in Windows using the %x Ruby

I asked my ISP if he had ImageMagick available to me and he wrote:
- - - -
Hello Ralph,

It is just a perl module, so you would use the path /usr/bin/convert in
the config file for the setting
- - - -

I really don't understand my ISP's answer.

When I run
  puts %x[/usr/bin/convert]
The output in Mongrel reads
  sh: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory

I really don't know much about Linux in the segregated cPanel
I am running ... so I ask the collected wisdom here: How do I run
/usr/bin/convert in my environment?

Ralph Shnelvar

Well ... issue resolved.

My ISP did not have ImageMagick installed correctly on his server.
Amazingly, I was doing everything correctly.