Running Flash files (swf / flv) under rails

I have been trying to run a swf file within a rails webpage. I have a swf file that uses a videodisplay and two buttons (play and pause) and references flv video. This code works using AIR (as a windowedapplication) but not as html where I use the swfobject.js file. Posts on the Adobe flash forum have not received any replies. Then decided to run the movie within rails. I have searched through the web and the method described in the "eleventyten" blog. Unfortunately I could not get this to work. But this page also referenced swf_fu so I tried this. I was unable to install the plugin - I downloaded the code onto my hard drive and the installed. It would not install re the instructions. So that did not work. Finally the tool I use for converting avi to swf/flv files also creates a configuration and html wrapper. I inserted the piece of html in my html.erb file and this now works. But this does not feel like the "proper" rails way. So what are people using to run Flash files in Rails? Hoep someone can help. Regards.