Running a rake task from cron on a shared webhost (joyent)

Could be an issue with not being logged in? Permissions or path or something?


Maybe, just unsure what. Annoying as it's stopping me doing lots of rake stuff on a schedule.

I mean I know there are solutions to run background tasks in the app but I didn't really want the memory overhead for now and this seems like a quick win. If "only" I could get it working!

Any ideas what else I could try anyone?

As you snipped everything and the message seems to have become de-threaded no-one except possibly me will know what this message is about.


Are you not able to see the output of the cron job? The output should be logged somewhere or sent in an email - that depends on your hosting environment.

If you can't find that, you could move your command to a shell script that is referenced by the crontab. You can add code in that script to inspect the environment and/or capture the output of your rake command in your own log file. But you could use a little more information to help track down the problem.

cron on linux doesn't preserve environment variables, nor does it read global ones (/etc/profile.d and others), i.e. if you need some, you have to set them up yourself. Further information in 'man crontab' crontab(5): tables for driving cron - Linux man page

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