RubyWorks 0.0.2 - Rails production stack, now with Debian/Ubuntu support

RubyWorks production stack is a collection of open-source software
required to host a RubyOnRails application on a Linux server,
developed by ThoughtWorks Studios.

To set up a production Rails server, you point a package manager to
RubyWorks package repository, run one command, and in a couple of
minutes you have a skeleton Rails application served by a cluster of
Mongrel servers, load-balanced by HAProxy, monitored by monit and
controlled by runit.

...we should definitely make one of those "wow, how much I can get in
5 minutes" screencasts about this... :slight_smile:

Version 0.0.2 is a second development release of the stack, with the
following useful and exciting new features:

* No need to compile anything on the production server (all necessary
gems are available pre-compiled from RubyWorks gem repository);
* The stack can be installed on Ubuntu 7 (Feisty Fawn) and Debian 4
(Etch) - although the latter requires libc from unstable APT
repository (sid);
* Database drivers with Ruby bindings for MySQL, Postgres and Oracle
are provided;
* all daemons are started and stopped by runit.

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