RubyOnRails build 8873 failed

The build failed.


This started with

How is this failure at all related to that changeset?


I actually just patched it. Problem was that
has_many_through_association didn't have any? defined, which caused it
to call super(:any?) { stuff }, but if stuff was empty, it would call
array.any? {}, which returns null. Patch can be found here:

Regards, Jan De Poorter

Thanks Jan. I already rolled back.

Let's re-evaluate and add a bit of test coverage.

Best, jeremy

Ok, I know why my "no named block arguments" patch was wrong. See my last comment for for details.

I also added a very simple test that definitely breaks with my last patch and which passes with my new patch.

Please take a look. Is the new patch ok? Do you want me to add more tests?