Rubygems code does not match github

Maybe I’m missing something here but:
The code served by rubygems for 4.1.11 version or Rails (
does not match the repo’s code

E.g. Check the blacklist here:
compact should be missing in rubygems too but it is still there. Maybe a failed gem build?

Not really sure at what level you are working…

Did you recently create a new ROR project with Rails version 4.1.11?

Seems to me that ActiveRecord should have been included.

In that process, various gems are installed. You can run
gem list

from the prompt at the source path of your application to verify that activerecord with version.

Hope this helps…

The last release (4.1.11) was a security release - it was made by applying the security patches to the previous version, so it won't contain the more recent changes to 4-1-stable (this is to help people apply security releases quickly without having to worry about other changes).
The source in the gems should match the tag from the release though.