RubyGems Beta

Beta version is now available with:

   gem update --system --source

This will be the last beta with major changes before the release of 0.9.1.

= Upgrade note

While require_gem was deprecated in 0.9.0, the bin stubs are still using it (oops!). To get rid of the warnings printed by rake or other bin stubs simply run 'gem pristine --all'.

= What's new since 0.9.0?

Lots! Many changes both big and small! Here's an incomplete summary:

* require_gem is deprecated and will print a warning. Use gem instead.
* RubyGems now requires ruby 1.8.2 or greater.
* gem command changes
   * new gem pristine command
   * new gem outdated command
   * new gem sources command
   * gem uninstall can uninstall multiple gems
   * gem install uses the cache instead of downloading
   * gem install returns non-zero exit code on failure
   * gem install can now set shebang on bin stubs (env or ruby)
   * gem help output now fits in 80 columns
* now -w clean
* many proxy installation improvements
* gem cert improvements
* RubyGems is now easier to use as a library
   * Easier programatic installs
   * Easier inspection of local and remote gems
* extension building enhancements
* error reporting enhancements (less odd exceptions)
* many bugs fixed or closed (0 bugs in tracker!)
* require now loads .jar files
* select bug fixes:
   * installing from scratch fixed
   * gem install --force forces
   * installing from read-only location works
   * gem uninstall requires full name
   * gem install obeys GEM_HOME for bin scripts
   * RubyGems now installs on ruby 1.9

== New since beta

* fixed issue with Gem::Specification#hash for JRuby
* RubyGems now installs RDoc and ri for itself
* RubyGems is now tab-free
* require_gem warning prints file and line information

For full details, read the ChangeLog.