ruby script/server -- Errno::EADDRINUSE

rookie to RoR here and also experiencing errors with

$ruby script/server

When I execute the above command, instead of WEBrick starting up, I get
an error message:

./script/../config/boot.rb:29: undefined method 'gem' for main:Object
(NoMethodError) from script/server:2

I have ruby 1.8.4 installed, rubygems 0.8.11, and Rails 1.2.3

Update your rubygems to >= 0.9.0

  sudo gem update --system

I was also pleased to get MySQL running so easily on LINUX (this is
SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell).

I could probably find another way to start up WEBrick, but I prefer to
use the above command.

Note: This "ruby script/server" command was performed from a directory
named "shovell" that was created using the "rails shovell" command from
my home
directory, and it appears that the associated Rails application
were cleanly created by "rails shovell". This is discussed in Lenz'
book on RoR Web Applications.

Greatly appreciate in advance your valuable time in reading this and any
assistance you can give.



Rob Biedenharn