Ruby + Postgres = Bad Idea or Good Idea?

Bill Sim wrote:


We're making a development decision soon to use Ruby to develop a front end for our system. The backend currently runs on Postgresql. Some contractors are pushing us to change the backend database to MySQL, simply because it's more common to work with Ruby + MySQL. We prefer not to support more than one kind of database in house.

I've been using ruby + postgres for many years with no problems at all. I have also used ruby + Mysql on and off over the past few years and encountered a few problems with it.

I think if you scan this mailing list archive you will see far more problem reported about mysql adapters, timeouts etc. than postgres. That maybe because more people use mysql, it's hard to tell.

We have gotten push back from contractors, who have said, "If it's not MySQL, I wont bid on it." I am not a Ruby Developer (IANARD), but I would like to know if there is an issue with using Ruby + Postgres. Someone indicated that Ruby + MySQL play nice together, whereas it's problematic to use other kinds of DBs.

My own opinion (no flame wars!) and I know also the opinions of many others is that postgres is a superior database in almost every respect, particularly the later (8.2+) versions.

In every scenario I have, postgres has outperformed and remained much more stable on any meaningful sized databases (1GB to 100GB).

This sounds ridiculous to me, but if I'm missing something, I would love to hear some opinions. Is there an issue with support for Ruby+Postgres?

We currently have a very large rails application using postgres and it hasn't failed us once. We develop under Windows and Linux and deploy under Linux and FreeBSD. Windows is fine as long as you use the postgres-pr gem, mainly because the binary adapters for ruby are not well supported under Windows. Using Linux and FreeBSD, never had a problem.

I'm sure you will find support for the combination and even commercial support for postgres itself if needs be.

Cheers, Gary.

Shouldn't agree more.


PostgreSQL +1

Robby Russell wrote:

PostgreSQL +1

I was scrolling down, waiting for Robby to chime in, then I find this- c'mon, Robby, I expected more PASSION! :stuck_out_tongue:

- Danny