Ruby Pages Not Updating

I am a complete beginner to Ruby. I followed the tutorial to create my
own scaffold called Books. My problem is that, when I make changes to
its index.html.erb, the http://url/books page does not update for a
few minutes. I am using a development environment, and the
config.action_controller.perform_caching value is already set to
false. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Andrew,

It sounds more like your browser could be caching things.

But to be sure rails is not caching anything, go to the terminal or
command window where you are running your server, stop it with control-c
then clear the cache like so..

for unix/mac
rm tmp/cache -rf

for windows
del tmp\cache -s

This will remove any rails based local cache.

Now restart your server & if the problem still occurs, you now know that
its nothing to do with rails caching. So try clearing your browser cache
and looking elsewhere for the problem.

- matt.

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