Ruby on Rails Tutorial Using Google+

Hi all,

I have created a Goggle+ page “Ruby on Rails Tutorial Using Google+”. I have contacted with 8-10 developers to give training session on various topics. Firstly we’ll have Basics and then the Hot topics which needs to discuss on Group. We’ll have a Weekly training session live on a selected topic + only interested candidate will included in the attendees circle…

I’ll update you folks on this very much.

For e.g those are interested to watch How to install rails those only can attend

Please reply to appreciate Or contribute. On my email ( or on this thread

Thanks Rajeev

It’s very interesting, the sessions will be using Google hangout? and… what about the dates?


This is a great idea, I’m very interested in seeing how this develops.

The power and reach of Google+ is amazing


Got 15 Request its awesome . Making Plan accordingly. Anyone have suggestions please go ahead .

Thankyou! very much

Thanks Rajeev kannav Sharma

I’m interested too, I’ve added you to a circle.

I am adding you all Got 20+ thanks!

I am hoping we can start from this Thursday/Friday.



Nice! Can you give us some more general info? For example, what’s the level (beginner, intermediate etc)? Will we use ‘Hangout’? Who’s going to teach?

I’m excited about this :smiley:

Hi Rajeev,               Great idea.Tell me if i could help you!

Try to add some thing in about page first so that every body came to know what is it all about.

Great work. That will be very helpful, thanks!