Ruby on Rails to power 13,000 schools with 7million+ students in Kerala, India

I don't know how many of you are already aware of the Opensource
Project Fedena -

Fedena is recently selected by Government of Kerala, India to automate
13,000 schools with 7million+ students. I guess it is one of the
largest implementation of a Ruby on Rails code in education sector.

The project is named as "Sampoorna" -
News -

This project is into the final stages and expect a huge fan-base of
ROR in Kerala. The IT@School department of Government of Kerala is
notable for its achievements related to supporting FOSS

thankx for informing us…

Its really good to know it !!

Great for us

Thank you for the information

Interesting. It would be nice if one of the representatives from the team present about the project at the next RubyConfIndia.


Prakash Murthy

@prakash: The project has already been presented once at Rubyconf India (in 2010). But it would be interesting to hear from the team about how the project has grown since then. Back then it was a very new project and now it has grown to become a project implemented across 13k schools.

Just found the slides of Fedena RubyConf 2010 presentation @ Slideshare

Thanks for the information.