ruby on rails search engine

I have used ferret for sometime now. It does need reindexing and if u have a ferret server running it can save you those mongrel stalling errors.. But its not that bad answering your question recomendation :ferret

Wait wait guys, you're forgetting ngnix of searching !

No, it's that everyone who's taken the time to read the documentation for ActiveRecord::Base or worked through any of examples in the many Rails books already knows.

Here's a freebie:

  Person.find(:all, :conditions => [ 'name LIKE ?', 'Joa%' ])

Now please read the documentation.


Rob Biedenharn

SQL does not support character expansion on LIKE queries so f.e. "WHERE name LIKE oev%" will not match on "œuvre" while "WHERE name = oeuvre" will. This is normal SQL behavior. Otherwise it shouldn't matter what encoding you use and indeed "WHERE name LIKE '%t%" should also match on "ţ" (with character set utf8 at least).