Ruby on Rails Project -

Hey All

My name is Anthony Esper, I am working with as a dev ops / sys admin / dev manager / etc / etc / etc…

We are a ruby / rails / passenger / nginx shop… running on AWS.

I am doing my best to pick up the language but not moving as quickly as I would like…

I have plenty of work to do for any talented dev would is interested in getting our site working efficiently and cleanly.

To be honest, the site is a bit of a rats nest at the moment. We need a lot of general over all fixes to our ruby code base as well as CSS work… I am really hoping to find someone who can take ownership of the project and who can I have a consistent long term freelancing arrangement with.

Its really a cool functioning application for the HR space and we are soon to release our premium edition which I have high hopes for.

Please contact me at

skype - wudukes


email -

to discuss further… feel free to send examples of Ruby projects…

I’m happy to negotiate rates and availability.

Thank You!

Anthony Esper


Sortbox Inc