Ruby on Rails in industry - publications?


I'm in my final year of a BSc Computer Science course (my final year project is on Rails) and have been seraching high and low for some publications on the success of Ruby on Rails within industry.

I'm basically looking for some details on productivity within an organisation and how it has helped (or not if the case may be) that paritucular organisation in delivering projects.

As I said, I've gone through all the usual channels to find some details, but have only really come across blog entries that talk about the lines of code involves in a Rails application to another (as an exmaple), as well as a few pod casts that mentions similar details. Obviously this would go someway to suggest Rails would be useful in reducing project time (less code to write = less time taken, at least in theory), but it doesn't really produce any facts.

I know Rails is still rather new, but was wondering if perhaps I was missing something? Have their been any landmark studies into "Rails in industry" at all?

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Failing that, is there anyone out there who actually uses Rails in industry and wouldn't mind answering a few questions based on your experiences? It would basically be a case of sending you a text document with a few questions on that you'd send back in your own time, so as to make it convenient.

Ideally I'd be looking for people with a good few years experience prior to taking up Rails, so as to compare the technologies and how you found them. Again though, I'm struggling to really get an opinion from those using Rails in industry on a full time basis, so any level would also be helpful.

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Tim Harrington wrote:

Unfortunately I cannot provide data you expect, but maybe you are interested in some of my comparisons made by me: I have implemented the "payroll" application from "Agile Software Development" in ruby. It took me 10 times less LOC than the author wrote it. :slight_smile:

Here is my post about it:

Friendly, Botond

Tim Harrington wrote:

Hey Botond,

That is actually very helpful and does help me in my research, its a good example of Rails use :slight_smile:

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Botond Orban wrote:

Mike D. wrote:

Hi Tim,

I successfully deployed a Rails application at a power generating company two years ago, which handled aggregating realtime data from many different systems. Since then, I started my own company to continue to provide the energy industry with similar realtime data and financial applications, all built on Rails.

Previously, I spent 10 years in the financial industry and in the parallel computing space writing in FORTRAN, C, C++ and a hodge-podge of other languages, frameworks and libraries.

I'd be happy to answer some questions about my experiences if it would help you out.


On Jan 18, 1:43 pm, Tim Harrington <>

Hey Mike,

This would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Have you perhaps an e-mail address I could contact you on?

I will try and put together a decent set of questions to send you over the next few days, possibly with some follow up after you send some answers if that is ok?



Hi Mike,

If you could e-mail me some information on the questions I posted above that would be great, my e-mail is

Thanks very much for this,


Tim Harrington wrote: