ruby on rails first app creating problem

HI Guys

I started to learn ruby on rails, i used to get all the stuffs i need and check it up the ruby,rails,bundler and gem version in cmd to be sure everything is fine.

then i tried to create my first app using “rails new firstapp” and this message appears.

Rails on windows has given me nothing but trouble and is a general pain in the ass.


Please post the entire error message.

While you can develop in Windows, most developers I know use Mac or Ubuntu. If you want to get serious about Rails development, consider switching.

thanks for reply, is ubuntu fine for rails developing?

Yes. you wont find any performance issues between a MAC and UBUNTU. But i personally like MAC :slight_smile:

You can easily use debian or Archlinux on a virtual machine on windows with virtualbox. Forget windows with rails.

Yeah, if you can’t seem to set up an Ubuntu virtual machine or you’re unable to get a Mac, I’d recommend jumping on one of the many online services… To name a couple:

  • - Jump on the free plan.

  • - For about $5 a month, you could have your own online dev server. Just make sure you turn off your server when not developing with it so you’re server isn’t used for someone’s malicious agenda.

Personally, I would recommend Digital Ocean or a similar service so you have the experience of working with the command line and using ssh.

Hope that helps bud!

Vagrant+Virtual Box is a nice option for a windows development environment.

I use OSx at my office and windows at home.

On both machines, I run Rails on a vagrant box with Ubuntu.

There’s a good tutorial here: