Ruby on Rails e-learning solution

Does anyone know of an e-learning solution based on Ruby on Rails
besides digital seed?

You can checkout Edu 2.0 which is a company by Graham GLass. I'm not
sure it's what your looking for, but check it out.

Hope this helps.

I saw Ruby on Rails on I didn't look into it, but it
was in the list of available subjects.

Not quite e-learning but have you checked out peepcode(http:// they have some very good video tutorials over there.
There is also railscast( which have short but
free video tutorials. Both are good if you're starting out.

Sierra College offers an online class for Ruby on Rails. The next one
begins in January, 2008.

Click on Schedule of Classes. Then select Computer Science and CS

Thanks. This is great! I'm in Milwaukee so online works for me.