Ruby on Rails Dates


I am using a MySQL database and have a row callsed date in my fixtures
table. I am wanting to display fixtures coming up, i.e. ahead of todays

In my controller I am thinking of doing;
@fixtures = Fixtures.find(:all, :conditions => "date > #{} ",
:order => "id DESC")

Do dates work this way, is this the correct way to go about it?

At least, I'd change this to:

   @fixtures = Fixture.find(:all, :conditions => ['data > ?',],
                            :order => 'id DESC')

But it would be better to put this into a named scope:

   class Fixture
     named_scope :future, lambda { {:conditions => ['data > ?',]} }
then, in your controller
   @fixtures = Fixture.future

Also, are there any forum systems built with Ruby on Rails that I can
download for use on my site?

Thanks in advance, Rob

I was about to give you a couple answers, but then I re-read your question. I'm not sure about forums, but there are certainly a few options for wikis.


Rob Biedenharn