Ruby LSAPI 1.10


With the help from Stoyan Zhekov, we identified and fixed a bug that may cause 503 error in ruby-lsapi 1.7-1.9 release. Please upgrade to ruby-lsapi 1.10 as early as possible if you are using ruby-lsapi 1.7-1.9. The latest package is available through ruby gem now, please make sure to uninstall earlier release.

My sincere apology if the bug causes any trouble for you.

Best Regards, George Wang

What's the relationship between session keys and and the sessions table in the db?

Answer: Rails automatically handles the interaction with the sessions table to read and update the columns: -- session-id -- data -- updated_at

Should you try to interact with the sessions table like a normal ActiveRecord model object? I guess not. But if you wanted to, how would you do it?

Example. What if I added some columns to my sessions table and wanted to CRUD them?