ruby help

Dear to whom this may concern at Ruby on Rails

I'm a Web Designer with little knowledge of Ruby on
Rails, but have been reading about it. I'm looking to
expand my web skills and possibly build more advance
web sites such as, Delicious,,
or Now, I was looking at snippet tutorials
on and took notice. But does
rubyonrails require programming skills or can
beginners like me learn rubyonrails and build skill
level as I continue using the program. Please feel
free to respond!

Please repost the question on the group "Ruby on Rails: Talk". As a
new user, or at least an interested party, the Ruby on Rails: Talk
group is the ideal place to ask these questions.

In addition, there are several free blogs and tutorials
( plus excellent purchasable tutorials (
and books (Agile Web Development for Rails (2nd Ed), The Rails Way,
etc.) that cover the information in a more in-depth way.

Take care and see you on Ruby on Rails: Talk,