Ruby for Data Science: Handling Large Datasets Efficiently

I’m interested in using Ruby for data science tasks, particularly for working with large datasets. While Ruby may not be as commonly associated with data science as languages like Python or R, I believe it has potential for certain data processing tasks. However, I’m facing challenges when dealing with large datasets, and I’d like some guidance on optimizing my code.

Here’s a simplified example of my Ruby code:

require 'csv'

# Reading a large CSV file into memory
data = []
CSV.foreach('large_dataset.csv', headers: true) do |row|
    data << row.to_h

# Performing data analysis on the loaded dataset
total_sales = { |row| row['Sales'].to_f }.sum
average_price = { |row| row['Price'].to_f }.reduce(:+) / data.length

puts "Total Sales: #{total_sales}"
puts "Average Price: #{average_price}"

The problem is that when dealing with large CSV files, this code becomes slow and memory-intensive. I’ve heard about streaming and batching techniques in Python for handling such cases, but I’m not sure how to implement similar strategies in Ruby.

Could someone with experience in data science with Ruby provide guidance on how to efficiently handle and process large datasets, while avoiding memory issues and slow execution times? Are there specific Ruby gems or techniques that are well-suited for this purpose? Any insights or code optimizations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I don’t have a specifically data science experience, but have experience processing a lot of data. How familiar are you with SQL? You will probably get the best results quickly by loading csv into an sqlite or postgres database, maybe adding some indexes for more efficient lookups, and using a ruby SQL client (like sqlite3-ruby or pg) to interface with the database. With this setup you will do most of the heavy lifting by sending queries from ruby to the database, and only leaving some light processing in ruby. The db will optimize most things behind the scenes, to make the heaviest operations fast and efficient.