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Hello Ruby Developers,

I'm happy to announce that my company recently received $20 million in
funding from our investors and is looking to expand our technology
team. We're an exciting, venture-funded community/commerce company
implemented entirely in Ruby on Rails. We used to call ourselves a
startup, but are now edging out of that category; we've been around
for a few years and have real users and real revenues. Nevertheless,
we still believe in small teams, agile development, quick turnaround,
and getting things done.

Here's the list of our open positions (including Linux and Java
positions...if you have experience there as well as with Ruby, please

Rails Senior Developer / Team Lead
Ruby on Rails Systems Engineer
Senior Backend Rails Engineer
Senior Applications Support Specialist
Linux Systems Engineer
Senior Java Web Services Engineer

We're open to all levels of experience, so if you have significant
experience with another programming language but are new to Ruby,
please feel free to apply. As I mentioned above, we're growing quickly
and the opportunity for development and internal movement is pretty

If you're interested, job descriptions and application instructions
can be found at: Please do NOT
send any emails to this email address - unfortunately, I won't be able
to respond to individual resume submissions unless they're done
through our careers page. If you have specific questions about
applying or job requirements, I can be reached at

Thanks all, and good luck!


Hello my name is Gerardo Gonzalez C, I am an engineer in computer systems. I live in Orizaba, Veracruz (Mexico). I would like to work from home is open source projects such as ‘Rails’. By the time my roles have been programmer. NET (C #, WPF, Aspx, Smart Clients, Oracle, PLSQL, etc) I used Js and Ajax. I would like a chance to prove myself as a programmer
of ‘Rails’. I await your prompt response. I leave my CV in Spanish.


CV_GerardoGonzalezCruz.pdf (93.5 KB)

Dear Gerardo,

Please don’t send your CV to the mailing list. As instructed:
“…If you have specific questions about applying or job requirements, I can be reached at”

Good luck with your application for job