Ruby and FBML

Hello all,

I am developing a facebook application using FBML/RFacebook. My index.rhtml file only contains <fb:profile-pic uid=loggedinuser>. This is working in FBML test console provided by facebook. This also works on IFrame, but if I set my application settings to Use FBML, I get an error saying

Errors while loading page from application

Received HTTP error code 422 while loading

My controller for socialrecipe doesnt have anything in its index definition. I have also tried putting other HTML tags but it doesnt work. But if I change my settings to Use IFrame, it starts working (obviously the fb:profile-pic doesnt work coz its an FBML tag, but other HTML elements work fine)

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated

Thanx for your reply…I fixed the problem…though it took me a lot of time. It was a problem with rails version 2.0.1 (not sure if it was a problem or if I was missing smth). I googled it a lot and found that this error is specific to version 2.0, so I uninstalled version 2.0.1 and installed 1.2.6 and it worked perfectly fine.

So this tells us that there is atleast something that is not backward compatible in the rails version 2.0.1

Thanx again