RSS Feed parsing problem

To me the problem is pretty obvious. You are trying to call an undefined method 'feed_url' on an Array. To make this work you should call the method on each of the items in the Array individually. Like this:

@feeds = @urls.each do |url|   @feeds << SimpleRSS.parse open(url.feed_url) end

You need to know, that whenever you're asking ActiveRecord for multiple records in the database, they will always come back as an Array with each item representing a record or model. But when you're asking for just a single record (Model.find(:first) or Model.find (:last)) you simply get the record/model back.

Nick Hoyle wrote:

hi thanks for the reply, was much needed.

I knew what i was trying to do which was like you say call each of the items in the array i just wasnt sure how to do it, and attempted a similar type of loop but had no luck.

I will look into this and see if i can achieve what i want

Thanks alot


just another quick question

how would i able to output each parsed feed from the array @feeds in a view?

You would do something like this:

<ul id="feeds">   <%- @feeds.each do |feed| -%>     <li><%= %></li>   <%- end -%> </ul>

Voila, a list of feed titles. :slight_smile: