RSS feed consumption.

I have a requirement to take an RRS feed into a Rails app and
automatically update a table from the data provided therefrom (foreign
currency exchange rates). I have found the feedtools gem but this seems
to be a little old and shows no sign of recent activity. Is there
anything else that is current, works with Rails 2.3 and is presently
favoured by the community?

Are there any good Ruby / Rails code examples of this sort of thing that
people could recommend? I have zero experience with this aspect of the

Hi James,

We’ve just switched to Feedzirra ( in our Kete projects ( We use it in a couple places. A Feed model which is aimed at pulling in user configurable feed content at a set schedule and caching it and on Kete item detail pages where we use SearchSource model to define base URLs for search source that will return results in feed form which we then display.

For the latest in Kete, check out this branch:

Feedzirra is in turn based on Nokogiri XML gem. We’ve found Feedzirra to be a bit more feature complete and way faster than feeds_normalizer gem.