Rspec failure on rails 3.2.6

I have a simple rspec test which is failing in after i upgrade to

here is the spec in users_controller_spec.rb

describe "show action" do
  before(:each) do

  def do_get
    get :show, :id =>

  it "should be successful" do
    response.should be_success

and here is the error
1) UsersController show action should be successful Failure/Error:
get :show, :id => ......................... (class)>
received :find with unexpected arguments expected: (2) got: ("2")

Not sure where is going wrong. The show action has nothing in the
controller, it is just def show end

it looks like parameters are now passed as strings.

How are you setting up in your tests? Is it possible that it
is a string rather than an integer?