rspec crashes if any tests have failed - is this normal?

I just installed spec (plugin) and rspec_on_rails. It seems to work,
but if any tests have failed, after doing the report it seems to crash,
with this message -

5 examples, 2 failures
rake aborted!
Command ruby
"spec/models/instrument_name_spec.rb" --options
"/home/jars/rails/lesson_planner/branches/max/spec/spec.opts" failed

Is this normal? It's a bit disconcerting, making me worry i've not got
it set up right.


no, it's not normal. we're using rspec since a few months and had nor
trouble like that (sorry, so i can't help you there. by the way in such
cases it may be helpful to post a few details about your setup, os,
rails version etc)
the only trouble we had are with namespaces, we have to touch part of
our specs once in a while.

I managed to fix/work around my problem:

if i do

ruby script/spec spec

it's fine, it's only when i do

rake spec

that it crashes when tests fail.

Still curious as to why it crashed though...