Rspec =begin =end

Rspec =begin =end
I don’t know if this is a Rails, Ruby, or Rspec question.

In a file named spec/spec_helper.rb I have

RSpec.configure do |config|

The settings below are suggested to provide a good initial experience

with RSpec, but feel free to customize to your heart’s content.


These two settings work together to allow you to limit a spec run

to individual examples or groups you care about by tagging them with

:focus metadata. When nothing is tagged with :focus, all examples

get run.

config.filter_run :focus

config.run_all_when_everything_filtered = true

. . .


config.include Devise::Test::ControllerHelpers, :type => :controller


What does the =begin and =end do? Is this new Ruby syntax? Rails preprocessing? Rspec preprocessing?

That is a multi line ruby comment, but it's not that popular, you are
better off using multiple single line comments #comment.
The reason is there is so you can remove them and that block will have the
comments and the config.filter_run :focus (...) lines working properly.