rspec 2.7.0.rc1 is released!

rspec 2.7.0.rc1 is released!

This includes the following (see the changelog for each lib below):

rspec-2.7.0.rc1 rspec-core-2.7.0.rc1 rspec-expectations-2.7.0.rc1 rspec-mocks-2.7.0.rc1 rspec-rails-2.7.0.rc1

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### rspec-core-2.7.0.rc1

full changelog: Comparing v2.6.4...v2.7.0.rc1 · rspec/rspec-core · GitHub

NOTE: RSpec's release policy dictates that there should not be any backward incompatible changes in minor releases, but we're making an exception to release a change to how RSpec interacts with other command line tools.

As of 2.7.0, you must explicity `require "rspec/autorun"` unless you use the `rspec` command (which already does this for you).

* Enhancements   * Add example.exception (David Chelimsky)   * --default_path command line option (Justin Ko)   * support multiple --line_number options (David J. Hamilton)       * also supports path/to/file.rb:5:9 (runs examples on lines 5 and 9)   * Allow classes/modules to be used as shared example group identifiers     (Arthur Gunn)   * Friendly error message when shared context cannot be found (Sławosz     Sławiński)   * Clear formatters when resetting config (John Bintz)   * Add xspecify and xexample as temp-pending methods (David Chelimsky)   * Add --no-drb option (Iain Hecker)   * Provide more accurate run time by registering start time before code     is loaded (David Chelimsky)   * Rake task default pattern finds specs in symlinked dirs (Kelly Felkins)   * Rake task decides whether to use bundler or not based on presence     of BUNDLE_GEMFILE (David Chelimsky)

* Bug fixes   * Include Rake::DSL to remove deprecation warnings in Rake > 0.8.7 (Pivotal     Casebook)   * Only eval `let` block once even if it returns `nil` (Adam Meehan)   * Fix --pattern option (wasn't being recognized) (David Chelimsky)   * Only implicitly require "rspec/autorun" with the `rspec` command (David     Chelimsky)   * Ensure that rspec's at_exit defines the exit code (Daniel Doubrovkine)   * Show the correct snippet in the HTML and TextMate formatters (Brian     Faherty)

### rspec-expectations-2.7.0.rc1

full changelog:

* Enhancements   * HaveMatcher converts argument using #to_i (Alex Bepple & Pat Maddox)   * Improved failure message for the have_xxx matcher (Myron Marston)   * HaveMatcher supports #count (Matthew Bellantoni)   * Change matcher dups Enumerable before the action, supporting custom     Enumerable types like CollectionProxy in Rails (David Chelimsky)

* Bug fixes   * Fix typo in have(n).xyz documentation (Jean Boussier)   * fix safe_sort for ruby 1.9.2 (Kernel now defines <=> for Object) (Peter van Hardenberg)

### rspec-mocks-2.7.0.rc1

full changelog:

* Enhancements   * Use `__send__` rather than `send` (alextk)   * Add support for any_instance.stub_chain (Sidu Ponnappa)   * Add support for any_instance argument matching based on `with` (Sidu     Ponnappa and Andy Lindeman)

* Changes   * Check for #failure_message_for_should or #failure_message instead of     #description to detect a matcher (Tibor Claassen)

* Bug fixes   * pass a hash to `any_instance.stub`. (Justin Ko)   * allow :to_ary to be called without raising NoMethodError (Mikhail Dieterle)

### rspec-rails-2.7.0.rc1

full changelog:

* Enhancments   * ActiveRecord::Relation can use the "=~" matcher (Andy Lindeman)   * Make generated controller spec more consistent with regard to ids     (Brent J. Nordquist)   * Less restrictive autotest mapping between spec and implementation files     (José Valim)   * require 'rspec/autorun' from generated spec_helper.rb (David Chelimsky)   * bypass_rescue (Lenny Marks)   * route_to accepts query string (Marc Weil)

* Internal   * Added specs for generators using ammeter (Alex Rothenberg)

* Bug fixes   * Fix configuration/integration bug with rails 3.0 (fixed in 3.1) in which     fixure_file_upload reads from ActiveSupport::TestCase.fixture_path and misses     RSpec's configuration (David Chelimsky)   * Support nested resource in view spec generator (David Chelimsky)   * Define `primary_key` on class generated by mock_model("WithAString") (David     Chelimsky)