rspec-2.0.0.beta.22 has been released!

rspec-2.0.0.beta.22 has been released!

We're getting very close to a 2.0 release candidate, so if you're not already using rspec-2 (with or without rails-3), now is the time to start. I need your feedback, so from here on in I'll be sending out announcements and release notes for each beta release.

As for rspec-2 with rails-2, there are a few efforts underway to make that work, but that will be in the form of a separate gem and our priority is getting rspec-2 out the door.

Please report issues or submit pull requests (yes, pull requests are fine now that github has integrated them so well with issues) to the appropriate repos:

Below are release notes for each gem in this beta release, drawn from the nascent files in each project.

Thanks, and enjoy! David and the RSpec Development Team