RoutingError with RSpec Controller test on Scoped Route

So I have a route that looks like this:

scope "4" do
  scope "public" do
    scope ":apikey" do
      resources :shops

And a bunch of controller specs, an example of which looks like this:

describe ShopsController do

  describe "when responding to a GET" do

    context "#new" do
      it "should create a new instance of the shop class" do
        get :new



In rake routes, as well as via a web browser, this controller/action
works fine. However, RSpec throws:

1) ShopsController when responding to a GET#new should create a new
instance of the shop class
Failure/Error: get :new
   No route matches {:controller=>"shops", :action=>"new"}
# ./spec/controllers/shops_controller_spec.rb:9:in `block (4 levels)
in <top (required)>'

When I remove the scope statements from the route, the tests work
fine. Is there a way to "inform" RSpec of the route scopes?

The route requires an api key, so that needs to be included in the args passed to 'get':

get :new, :apikey => "ignore"

As for @shop.should_not be_nil, that's probably going to fail as well once you get past the route issue. To specify that a new instance gets created, you'll need to either interact with the database, e.g.

expect do
  get :new, :apikey => "ignore" change(Shop, :count).by(1)

... or mock the message to create the model:

get :new, :apikey => "ignore"