Routing error


I’m a newbie Ruby on Rails developer and have across the following problem:

I’ve put an image on a page and want to be taken to twitter to be authenticated, when the image is clicked however I get the following error when I do:

ActionController::Routing error (No route matches [GET] “auth/twitter”

I’ve registered my app on the Twitter dev site and have installed Ominiauth and Omniauth-Twitter gems. I’ve also added my Consumer keys and Consumer secret keys (for Twitter) to the relevant files.

This is the code around my image:-

=link_to image_tag(“twitter.png”, :size => “32x32”), “auth/twitter”, :id => ‘twitter image’

Can anyone help please as I’m pulling my hair out in frustration!

First thing you should do is run:

$ rake routes

and see if there is a route for auth/twitter.

If there is not, add one in config/routes.rb for that route.

Read thoroughly.