Route to static folder (to browse files)

Hi -

I want to enable access to a directory inside my app's public folder.
This means that when a user will navigate to, he
will actually be accessing the root of RAILS_ROOT/public/files. This
folder will contain static files, and doesn't really need any
controller/actions - mostly to be used as a static file server (js, css)
for another app.

I'm trying to accomplish that through the routes.rb file, but so far w/o
success. Is it possible?



That shouldn’t need any modification to your routes. Unless you have a very peculiar setup, files from your ./public/ directory are automatically served as static.


Should be accessible as:

Gustav Paul

One additional note here for Apache users: it is pretty standard to
turn off the "browsing" feature on directories. If your virtual host
configuration allows for it you can override this option on a per
directory basis with .htaccess files.

To enable:
Options Indexes

To disable:
Options -Indexes