Route Problem

So I'm trying to start up my first rails app in quite a while (since
1.5) and I'm getting the following error:

routing/builder.rb:159:in `build': undefined method `[]'
for :comments:Symbol (NoMethodError)

Obviously it doesn't like something about my attempts at RESTful

        map.resources :start, :only => :index
  map.resources :jobs do |job| :comments
  map.resources :cities, :only => [:new, :edit]
  map.resources :regions, :only => [:new, :edit]
  map.resources :countries, :only => [:new, :edit]
  map.resources :companies do |company| :jobs, :only => :show
  map.resources :departments, :only => [:new, :edit, :destroy]

I'm not sure what is wrong though. According to the docs I've found
this syntax is correct.

I think your problem may sit in your block, because you create a
variable 'job'
So change from to map.job

Glen wrote:

Thanks guys, that was embarrassing. I should know at least that much