RoR on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2)?

Thanks for the interesting points made! A coupe of comments about what
we perceive some the value of AWS-Console to be:

1. Even if you automate some functions via scripts, it's still nice to
be able to see everything presented on a screenful, with reasonable
names, and with buttons to "play pointy clicker" to intervene.

2. We're rolling out the ability to control AWS-Console via simple
HTTPS requests. Some of the benefits over doing that directly to EC2
will be that things you predefine in AWS-Console can be leveraged by
the scripts.

3. We're currently testing the ability to define application
deployments. In other words similar to capistrano. The big benefit
comes when you can have monitoring trigger deployment events for you.
Unfortunately we're not quite there yet.

4. The big benefit of a 24x7 service comes in when it monitors your
deployment and can trigger deployment actions automatically. We're
getting close...

If you have specific use-cases we would very much appreciate if you
could contact us directly at (or email me
directly). We are definitely adding features based on user-demand.