ROR based web application over existing Java application

Hello everyone,

We have an existing application in core java. We want to know extend
the application to be accessible over the Internet. We were thinking
of using Ruby on Rails to develop the front end for the application.
The Java Server and Ruby on Rails application will communicate via
java APIs which transfer the object in format of Xmls.

How is the application structure?
Ruby on Rails based application > Java server > Database

1. Is it good to redevelop the whole application into ROR from
scratch? or the approach suggested above is worth while using?
2. Any performance concerns?

Please advise

Thanks in advance

JRuby allows access to your Java methods and runs in the same JVM.
Have a look at it and run your RoR application using JRuby. No need
for IPC / XML.

Have to second that with JRuby. Get the picture now how Struts is for
people who don;t know Rails? JRuby, imho antiquates J2EE technologies.

Keep your business objects as Java POJOs. Do your web development in
Ruby, deploy using JRuby. Voila! -Janna B