RoR App using SVN as Database

There are ruby bindings that come with subversion. There are several
projects that use them, such as collaboa, bounty source, and
retrospectiva. Though, none of them use it like a "database"
(whatever that means), so you may have to get creative with that part.

Good luck!

SVN works slightly differently than your standard database, so no.
You'd need to write some kind of ActiveSubversion model subclass like
ActiveRecord that works with svn. Try broadening your search to
'ruby' instead of just rails. It's highly unlikely you'll find a well
tested solution, so it may be up to you to write one (or contribute to
an existing project).

I just couldn't resist this one ...

ActsAsVersioned ( pun intended ) taken to a whole new level

Ivan Shusky wrote:

Thank you very much Rick.

I was just wondering if RoR can use SVN like the way it uses MySQL.

I will check the links you have provided.


What's your motivation to use SVN as a database? If it's only for versioning ability, would acts_as_versioned meet your needs?


I think what Ivan means here is storing data in Subversion (like wiki
pages). Google Code does this too. Wiki pages are stored in svn in /
wiki, not in a database.

The idea is not to use svn for version management, but to allow
developers to change wiki pages through SVN as well. I think if only
versioning is what you want to achieve, acts_as_versioned is a way
better (and probably faster) option.

Ariejan de Vroom

This seems like what you might be looking for. However, it is still
young, so you might want to help contribute.