RoR 2.X Application

Hello friends,

I have installed 3.x version of Rails on my system. And I want to run 2.x Application ie OpenStreetView. I have used Bundler for that but it doesn't work and gives error : Could not find config/boot (LOADError).

If anyone knows this error and help me to solve this error. Its very important, So please help me to remove this error.

And If anyone knows another methods to run multiple Rails version applications then tell me.


Hi Mandeep,

Install RVM (Ruby version manager )

By using RVM you can use multiple rails versions and ruby versions.

Check this out.


Sai Kiran Mothe

if you are using window operating system then you should use pik gem for run both rails 2 and rails 3 your system…


Vishal Singh

Ruby On Rails Developer

I am using LINUX OS. So how to use that in LINUX ?

I have installed Ruby using rvm but dont know how to install Rails with rvm. Can you help me for that ?

gem install rails -v3.1 or -v2.0

Its done but still giving following error :

ms@ms-HP:~/OpenStreetView$ bundle exec script/server script/server:2:in `require': cannot load such file -- script/../config/boot (LoadError)   from script/server:2:in `<main>'

bundle exec ruby script/server (run this command )

It gives same error.

please check this tutorial for install rails