RJS - unterminated string literal

What about

page['comment'+@id].visual_effect :blind_up

I realise now, my code should not of worked (unless @id is already a
string) so it should be @id.to_s... But this this not the issue
because your code shows the "comment-9"

Do you have javascript_include_tag :defaults ?

Here is my test (which works), otherwise use firefox and firebug to

Hope this helps

    <%=javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
  <div id="comment-1" style="background-color: red">
  <%=link_to_remote "press me", :url=>{:action=>:hide_me} %>

page['comment-'+@id.to_s].visual_effect :blind_up

Did you try using <%= -%> instead of <%= %> ? (the dash-percent-
greaterthan is supposed to not spit out an additional #\linefeed).