RJS Templates


I am new to this RJS stuff. I want to make a page that has on it an
inbox. I also want another box where the user can type a message. Then
when a message is typed the inbox contains the new message and any
others. Thus I need a periodical call to the server to check for new
messages and a form with a text box to add a new message and look for
new messages.

I made a normal template that looks like this

<div id="inbox">


<%= periodically_call_remote :url => {:action =>
'update_inbox', :chatroom_id => @chatroom.id},
      :update => 'inbox',
      :position => 'bottom',
      :frequency => 5 %>

<% form_remote_tag(:url=>{:action => 'post_message', :chatroom_id =>
@chatroom.id}, :update => 'inbox', :position=>:bottom) do %>
<div id="message">
  <label for"message_message">Message: </label>
  <%= text_area 'message', 'message', "cols" => 60, "rows" => 3 %>

  <div class='buttonPanel'>
     <%=submit_tag 'Send' %>

<% end %>

This all works. Now I want to add an extra box to the page and update
that when the submit button is used. Thus I thought RJS might be a
better way to update everything.

Therefore my questions are:

1) Can you add html to an RJS template.
2) Can you add a periodical call to an RJS Template

Sorry it was so long winded just thought it would be better to add
some background