rjs not executing?

on main.rhtml, I have:
<%= link_to_remote('add', :url=>{:action=>'openAdd'},
<div id="addZone"></div>

Don't use the :update option with rjs calls. That constructs an
Ajax.Updater prototype object instead of the Ajax.Request object you
need for rjs calls.

On the other hand, if you only need to update one html element, I'd
leave the :update option and just return a regular partial template,
pretty sure it's considerably faster.

Good Luck,

The Updater is given a DOM id, which will then be rewritten with the response of the request. It’s what you use if you want to use AJAX but not RJS. The Requester just sends a request. I believe that they can both be told to execute the response text as javascript as well.