rjs error TypeError: element.getElementsByTagName is not a function in rails 3+jquery


    i am using rails 3.0.10
i am trying with sample application for searching data from table and
my search.html.erb file is
<%= form_for (@employee) do |s|%

<div id ="search_details">
<%= s.text_field :name%>
<%= s.text_field :emp_id, :onfocus =>
<% end %>

when i click tab it calls sal() jquery function and i sent the data to
action, in action parameter is
processed well, but while replacing div with partial page i am getting
following error like

RJS error:

TypeError: element.getElementsByTagName is not a function

Element.update("upc_search", "\n \n <div >\n <table border =
\"1\">\n <tr>\n <th>\n <label >No</label>
\n <br />\n <input tyep=\"text\" value=\"1\"
size=\"30\"/>\n </th>\n <th>\n <label for=
\"id\" >id</label>\n <br />\n <input tyep=\"text
\" value=\"0123456789123\" size=\"30\" />\n </th>\n
<th>\n <label for=\"Name\" >Name</label>\n <br />
\n <input tyep=\"text\" value=\"Lotion\" size=\"30\" />\n </

\n </tr>\n </table>\n </div>\n\n <br />\n \n");

i used
for jquery process

could any one provide me solution ?


You probably should't use prototype methods when you've chosen jquery as
your js framework.

Exactly what it says: getElementsByTagName is a basic JavaScript
function of *document*. So you need to look at your JS to see where
that's getting muddled...

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1021992:

Perhaps you could be a little more explicit about what part of that you
consider to be "wrong" ? :slight_smile:


    how to avoid using prototype method ?