RJS and javascript objects problem

Here is the problem resolution sequence:

1. Turn on browser's javascript debugging (e.g. in Firefox take a look at javascript console or install a powerful FireBug extension). You'll see all the javascript errors. 2. Examine javascript code that is generated by RJS template. Make sure that it contains no errors (you can view RJS response in FireBug's console). 3. Make sure that the RJS response is properly evaled. E.g. in Ajax.Request there should be evalScripts options set to true. 4. Make sure that you don't overwrite RJS response's content type and it is equal to "text/javascript" (you can view RJS response in FireBug's console).

Hope that helps

1. Try putting alert inside render() method to see if it actually get execute. If it is, then the problem is in your code, otherwise 2. Try exploring all "appts"'s object properties:

function inspect(o) {   var result = "Object "+o+" {\n";   for(attr in o) {     result += ""+attr+" = "+o[attr]+"\n";   }   result += "}\n";   return result; }

Put this function into some place from where it could be loaded before RJS call (e.g. RAILS_ROOT/public/javascripts/application.js if you use javascript_include_tag :defaults) and then in RJS do "page << "alert(inspect(appts));"

It might be that you've got wrong object.