Rico LiveGrid - how to incorporate it?

Sorry for not catching the PDF link before; it looks like you need to
create a Rails action that outputs an HTML table. Rico then appears
to take the HTML table and turn it into the grid. The tutorial shows
how you need to format the output if you're using AJAX.


If I'm reading it correctly, getMovieTableContent.do is merely
pointing to a URL for a JSP. So, in theory you should be able to put
'list' (or something like that) and get your desired output.

Of course, this is all in theory. I'm not sure if they have some
special wiring with JSPs or not. I would suggest creating a
plain-jane HTML file and plugging in a simple table in there to test
that theory (i.e., create 'table.html' and replace
getMovieTableContent.do with 'table.html').

I'm downloading Rico right now...if that doesn't solve it I'll play
around with it and see if I can give you a solution. :slight_smile: