Reward / Sponsoring: Fix the Rails params parser (for deeply nested params)

Hi everybody,

may be, somebody has enough know how and is quite agile with the rails core, so that he / she can help us.

As we are stuck and quite desperate with the problem for more then several days now (refer this thread) we are looking for another solution:

Because we are running out of time and we have to satisfy urgently the client, I tought it might be an idea to sponsor / to offer a reward for the fix of this parser "bug" or implementation of this missing feature, what ever it will be.

If somebody can fix this, we would like to pay for that issue, I think, it shouldn't be a problem for somebody, who is experienced with this part of rails core, but it is really the first time, we spended days with this headache.

I really hope somebody can help us out here.
Please contact me directly by using this address:
beyoumedia {a t} gmail { d o t } com

kind regards