Revert Turbo Frame to Loading/Pending State

I’ve just got started with Turbo Frames and have had a good experience so far. Something I have not been able to figure out is how to have a frame revert to it’s original pending/loading state. In one of my frames I have a synchronous job that kicks off to do a full reload of all the data in the frame, I’d like to have the frame revert to the original pending/loading when the link is clicked, the link I have within the frame currently is like:

<%= link_to full_update_path, class: "btn btn-info", data: { turbo_frame: :frame_id } do %>
    <i class="bi-arrow-clockwise me-1"></i> Perform a Full Update
<% end %>

Currently when clicked the jobs kicks off and it reloads the frame when the job completes.