Retrieve redirect URLs from an URL

For a project I am currently working on I am looking for a solution that
gives me an ordened list of all the URLs that are in a redirect chain.

Lets say I have an URL x, clicking this in a normal browser would
redirect to y, which would redirect me to z; my final destination.

Having just URL x, how can I get URL y and z? Do I need to use cURL to
extract the heads recursively from all urls until there are no more
redirects? How would I go about doing this?


Anyone got any advice on this situation?

Tom Pett wrote:

Rutvij Pandya wrote:

Tom Pett wrote:

Anyone got any advice on this situation?



do u require to perform any operation btw each redirect??


Not really. I would just like a list of (chain) redirects to write in a
database. I just want to extra all redirect information from an URL at
any given time. Nothing has to be computed real time or during the
redirects for my application.

I have found the gem HTTParty which is supposed to help me with this

I am having some troubles getting this to work on my environment.
Currently I run Rails 2.3.5, HTTParty 0.5.2 on Windows Vista (developer

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me an example code
snippit on how I should do this.

Again, imagine the following: URL A redirect to URL B. B redirects to C.
C is a normal website that can be retrieved via GET.

By supplying A, I want an array in return containing [A,B,C]